Connolly Orthodontics Review

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Aug 30, 2019 | Posted by R.V.

My experience at Connolly Orthodontics has been outstanding. The front and back staff are very friendly and helpful. Sometimes I don't even have to check-in because Jade does so as soon as she sees me walk in the door. Additionally, I have never experienced a long wait time for any appointment and even if there ever was a long wait time I would be glad to wait because the excellent service I receive in my orthodontic treatment is worth it. Whenever I need to get an adjustment I am helped by the kindest staff who take their time to ensure that I am comfortable and they take it easy on my teeth. They truly care. Lastly, Dr. Connolly is awesome! He is friendly, professional, empathetic and a great listener. I have never felt that he has rushed me nor interrupted me when I voice any questions or concerns on my treatment. I feel very comfortable being treated by him and his staff at Connolly Orthodontics. As an added bonus, they have an awesome rewards portal where you can redeem points earned for every visit, for completing surveys and much more! I highly recommend Connolly Orthodontics to anyone searching for orthodontic treatment.